Don’t Tell My Wife I Buttfucked Her Trans Friend – Ariel Demure & Wolf Hudson

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    Wolf Hudson is resting in bed when he gets a phone call from his wife, Macy, who is at work. As they discuss Wolf’s plans for the day, Wolf mentions how much he really wishes Macy would be open to the idea of having anal sex. Her butthole just looks SO tempting. But Macy isn’t interested.

    Feeling disappointed, Wolf ends the phone call and then exchanges some text messages with Macy’s best friend, Ariel Demure, who knows all about the situation – and has a really nice butthole! Wolf invites Ariel over, saying that Macy is still at work, so they’ll be alone.

    Ariel arrives, saying that Macy can NEVER find out about this. Sure, Ariel thinks that Wolf is hot, but he’s MARRIED to Macy. Ariel says she’s only agreeing to have sex with him because she knows that Macy isn’t giving him what he needs. Wolf appreciates that Ariel is willing to help him out like this, saying that she’s a good friend. Ariel then proves just how much of a good friend she is, sucking on Wolf’s cock and then letting him rim and fuck her beautiful ass!
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